Monday, August 03, 2009


Blogger Tyler said...

You twit, don't you understand?! If the trash gets picked up, the neighborhood won't be crappy anymore, and then rich white people will want to live here, and the poor brown people will be pushed out! And with no trash strewn everywhere, the Mission wouldn't be as "authentic".
<-- end sarcasm -->
I'm so tired of that attitude in SF -- that certain neighborhoods (esp. the Mission) ought to be crappy, filthy, noisy, traffic-clogged, treeless, parkless, and poor. As if poor people don't want to live in a nice place too.

Seriously though, you can call 311 to complain about trash, and the city might actually do something about it. You call will at least get logged as a statistic, which might be better than nothing.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Judith Berkowitz said...

I think I get what you're saying: that
1.) Reason Tyler gave.
2.) People -- residents -- shit in their own nests. There is no pride of place. (Some) Mission residents simply don't care what their neighborhood looks like.
3.) Elitists throw trash because hey it's the Mission; and they can. Because of Reason 2 above, no one is going to admonish them not to.

If it bothers you so much, then *pick it up yourself*!
That's what I do 3-4 times a week on my block. In the Mission one block from 24th Street and with two schools within 100 feet (lots of trash, both blown and dumped).

Calling 311 will indeed get it logged, but might also re-initiate the plan to have automated street cleaning on each side of the street 3 days/week, a plan residents finally came together to rise up against.

2:15 PM  
Blogger antfaber said...

The solution is obvious. Just set up checkpoints at every entrance to the mission, search everybody, and confiscate anything that could possibly become garbage. Problem solved. Next!

3:17 PM  

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