Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Something just went down. Sandy and I had just crossed the bridge towards our place as we noticed a bunch of the high school hoods on the sidewalk. A truck coming towards us stopped and the people within it started yelling at the hoods. All I heard was, "Fuck you!" and "Nigga." The hoods started to bolt. Sandy and I both had the feeling that we were in the middle of shit going down. Since I was riding shotgun I simply ducked down hoping to avoid any gunshots. Sandy pulled the car over to the opposite sidewalk. Within minutes everyone was gone from our block. Sandy took off on an errand she had to make and I walked to the corner to check things out. Quite a few concerned non-hoods were hanging out in front of the corner store and pointing down the street. I went upstairs to the flat in order to check things out better. Cops eventually came, the concerned non-hoods told them what had happened and pointed them towards different directions. Cop cars have been whirring up and down the street. It's a warm day so there are all sorts of people on the street.