Sunday, June 07, 2009

"The Silver Man" Visits Mission and Highland.

I've lived in this apartment for about 7 years. I've been looking out of this window for a long time and have never seen the "Silver Man." I've seen dudes like this at Pier 39 and Union Square, but never at Mission and Highland. There's a clown that lives around here. Her name is Pinky. No silver dudes.

Yesterday, during the El Salvador victory party, "Silver Man" popped out of a taxi right in front of the 49er Liquor store. It looked like he had a boom box and a stand which I assumed was his work gear. He put it on the side wall of the liquor store and walked right up the block to meet some big dude who seemed to be waiting for him. "Silver Man" gave the big dude something. Big dude gave silver man something. "Silver Man" then went into the liquor store before heading up the block.

I like to think "Silver Man" scored on Mission and Highland.

My wife disagrees. She thinks he just lives in the neighborhood. She saw him the next morning.

I think he partied all night.

¡El Salvador Ganó!

These dudes were pretty happy that El Salvador beat Mexico in a futball game. Cars were honking and driving up and down the street with the El Salvador Flag flying out of their windows. These dudes tried to high five them.